New Release Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol 12 Ga Semi Auto 19" Barrel Gray J32CG11

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ELEVATE YOUR TACTICAL SET-UP with the new Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol – engineered to be ultra-reliable and easy to manipulate. Featuring the classic mechanisms of the venerable A300 platform, this new defense shotgun includes enlarged controls, an enhanced loading port, a thinner forend design with multiple M-Lok and QD sling mounting points, and a 7+1-shot extended magazine tube secured by a custom barrel clamp with integral M-Lok capability.

  • ENLARGED CONTROLS - Enlarged loading port and extended bolt release and bolt handle ensure faster reloading. An oversized and reversible safety button for easy manipulation in adverse conditions.

  • AMPLE ACCESSORY MOUNTS - Includes installed 7-slot Picatinny rail, 3 M-Lok mounting points, and 3 QD sling mounting points. Also compatible with Beretta 1301 Tactical after-market rail and optic mount accessories.

  • CUSTOM BARREL CLAMP - Barrel clamp includes integral M-Lok slots and a QD socket, which secures the 7+1-shot extended magazine tube

  • AGGRESSIVELY TEXTURED GRIP AREAS - Specially designed forend with aggressive texturing in key areas to ensure superior control and comfort while shooting. A shortened compact stock with a 13” length-of-pull maximizes maneuverability and gun handling in confined spaces.


Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Beretta
Model: A300 Ultima Patrol
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 082442959849
MPN: J32CG11
UPC: 082442959849
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (8)
By J Hicks on 03/20/24
Best tactical shotgun for the price

The A300 Ultima Patrol is one of the best tactical shotguns on the market. Light weight easy to carry with very manageable recoil. Beretta has done it again. I will definitely buy again hopefully the 1301 mod 2.

By Steve on 03/14/24
Semi-auto shotgun

A300 Ultima Patrol is an excellent purchase. Mini shells don't work but wouldn't use them for self defense anyway. Good maneuverability in tight spaces.

By RonM on 02/02/24
Superb shotgun

Cleaned lubed and went to the range. Cycled with standard velocity birdshot loads and reduced recoil buckshot shells. Patterned with Federal LE 8 and 9 pellet Flight Control shells, tight and centered out to 40 yards.

Tested with Federal frangible slugs and buckshot, cycled all but 1 buckshot shell. This will make the gun great for training and shooting plates at close range.

I added a Farrow Tech RMR mount, Trijicon R07 6.5 MOA RMR, and Streamlight TLR1s. It's now ready for any use I could have.

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By Jacob on 01/24/24
Great gun after one change

This is my first shotgun, so it was indeed a learning experience. I got the gun, cleaned it and lubed it, and took it out to range where I work. It was consistently failing to feed the last shell in the tube. I tested different loads, I had other people shoot it, and eventually noticed that adding spacers to the tube seemed to improve consistency. After talking to Nordic Components I concluded that the mag tube spring was not in spec. My coworker luckily had a 1301 spring which was noticeably longer, had more coils, and was thicker. Installed the 1301 spring, and the gun runs like a champ. Beretta failed to deliver the correct spring after I called them, if it weren't for my coworker I wouldn't have a properly functioning gun.

As for how the gun runs. It's fast...I'm not sure how many people can actually reap the benefits of the 1301, because the A300 is already extremely fast when using the Symtac push/pull method. Reliability has been great with everything from the softest birdshot to high brass bird (no buck yet).

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By Mike D on 11/17/23

A great all around shotgun for home defense or other purposes. I'm personally going to be using it for skeet and trap shooting, but very nice to have options.

By MM on 09/16/23
Had the item I was looking for when no one else did

I had been looking for one of these Ultima Patrol for a few months locally before I gave up. Box showed up a little beat up but that’s probably FedEx. Everything inside as described.

By White Ears from Guam on 09/14/23
Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol exceeded my expectations

Did all the research about the gun and felt it was the right one over the 1301. Fit and finish is excellent. The weight And balance was what I fell in love with. It was light but not too light that it felt hollow and cheap. The polymer butt stock and forehand grip didn’t bother me at all. They provided an aggressive texture that gave you a secure grip. Didn’t mind where the QD was placed on the butt stock as they have aftermarket solutions for that issue. The action is smooth as butter and the sights are decent. Overall, it exceeded my expectations when it arrived. This was a hard firearm to find. Thanks to and Kyle for helping me acquire this firearm. It took a few months but they made it happen. Very satisfied!

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By MikeG on 07/03/23
Beretta A300 Ultima Patro

Bought this after a good bit if research. Couldn't be more satisfied unless they put a QD in the stock. Has cycled everything from 1oz 7.5 low recoil birdshot to high power slugs and everything in between.

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